About Us

Dezsoe and Gabor Milutinovics, a father son team, are both highly skilled wood artisans who have spent years perfecting their craft. Dezsoe studied woodworking in Europe under old-world masters in Hungary and Vienna. As is European custom, Dezsoe passed his art and technique to his son. Together Dezsoe and Gabor have successfully merged traditional elegance and finesse with modern design techniques.

M Custom Furniture crafts exquisite custom furniture for businesses and high-end homes. We also have two standard lines, the Ritorna and MOVE Series to fit your budget and needs. M Custom works with designers, architects and personal clients across the country.

Every piece of furniture created for our Custom Collection is exquisitely crafted to suit your business environment or personal lifestyle. Choose from select designs or we can design and build a personalized one-of-a-piece that is both stunning and functional. Rest assured M Custom Furniture only uses the finest materials available from quality suppliers.

Our standard business lines, the Ritorna (office modules) and MOVE Series (all types of office furniture), are high quality, beautifully crafted and built to last. We work with small and large companies with different budgets and office configurations. MOVE and Ritorna offer a swift delivery time and affordability.

M Custom Furniture works with national and international clients. The materials we use, including different wood species, stone, granite, marble, glass, and leather inlays are of the finest quality. Whether you are looking for timeless pieces, design options or quality affordable office furniture, give us a call.